“SOULS FOR TECH” Exhibition in Italy

by | Apr 28, 2024

So honoured to be part of “SOULS FOR TECH: Anime per la tecnologia,” an exhibition in Sulmona, Italy, curated by Antonio Zimarino. It was a fantastic event at the historic Palazzo dell’Annunziata on April 14th, celebrating the 10th anniversary of MAW with an extraordinary blend of art and technology.

I presented my video art piece, “Chaotic Paradise,” alongside the glitch art of five talented Iranian artists: Niloufar Baniasadi, Reza Famori, Sadegh Majlesi, Elnaz Mohammadi and Mohammad Ali Famori.

It was a truly unique experience exploring the creative possibilities that arise from technical errors in digital media. The event had notable attendees, including Sulmona’s Mayor Gianfranco Di Piero and Caterina Fantauzzi, head of the ‘Ovidio’ Higher Education Institute.

Thank you to everyone who attended and made this event special. We look forward to more opportunities to share and celebrate the vibrant world of glitch art and video art with a broader audience.

READ MORE : https://www.arte.go.it/event/souls-for-tech-videodrome-of-iranian-glitch-art/

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Arezou Ramezani

Arezou Ramezani is an Iranian visual artist and podcaster based in London, UK. She holds two masters degrees in Animation and has exhibited her work worldwide in over 30 exhibitions including Top 100 artists ARTSCLOUD in Seoul