Arezou Ramezani is an Iranian visual artist and podcaster based in London, UK. She holds two masters degrees in Animation and has exhibited her work worldwide in over 35 exhibitions including Top 100 artists ARTSCLOUD in Seoul, The 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival and The 8th Fu:Bar Glitch Art Exhibition. She is utilising various mediums to express her artistic vision. Arezou’s work is focused on exploring raw human emotions, with a particular emphasis on conveying and evoking strong feelings in her audience.

Her ink paintings are inspired by music, personal experiences, and human emotions, and feature hatched black ink lines juxtaposed with fluid, colourful inks. Arezou believes that despite our differences, humans share common experiences and that art serves as a universal language that can connect us all. She strives to create art that connects with the audience on a deeper, emotional level and hopes that her work resonates with them.

Besides her artistic journey, Arezou possesses a rich background in public relations, communications, teaching assistance, and curatorial roles. These diverse experiences add depth to her artistic perspective, infusing her work with a tapestry of multidimensional insights.

Honours & Awards

  • Exceptional Global Talent by Art Council England, London, UK  (March 2023)
  • Top 100 artists in 1st ARTSCLOUD Digital Art fair Artists Award  Seoul, South Korea (Jan 2022)
  • Honourable Mention for 3rd National. Festival of Digital Arts Iran (July 2021)
  • Semi Finalist of International Moving Film Festivals Iran (202)
  • Kooshk Residency Awarded Art & Culture Exchange Program with Kecskemét Film Ltd. Kecskemét, Hungry ,(November 2018)
  • Full Scholarship Award for MA Animation Production at Arts University of Bournemouth UK  (2016-2017)
  • Honourable Mention by the judge John Howe (Notable illustrator, best known for his work based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s worlds) for Dragon Lair Challenge Winners Exhibition Arte Gallery Tehran, Iran (2013)

Exhibitions & Festivals


  • 2024 l Dear Life l Central Saint Martins l London, UK
  • 2023 l Video Art Forum 5th EDITION  l Saudi Arabia
  • 2023 l Glitch Art Br X Platform 101 Online exhibition l  Brazil
  • 2023 l The Wrong Biennial 6th Edition _ Glitch in the sacred Geometry / ADAM MEETS EVE l Spain
  • 2023 l Fu Bar Glitch Art Festival l Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2023 l The 2nd annual event of IROMEDIA at TECH FAC New Media Arts Museum Tehran l Tehran, Iran
  • 2023 l The Hexagon of Sacred Geometry Digital Art exhibition l Washington, USA 
  • 2023 l Decentralise your journey to web03 Glitch Pixel Language Digital art exhibition  l Washington, USA 
  • 2023 l Ideas Have People l Safe House Gallery l London, UK 
  • 2023 l Pirus International Film Festival l Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • 2023 l  XXVI International Encounters Traverse, Variabilities in Echos l Toulouse, France
  • 2022 l Glitch Art Br Online Exhibition l Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • 2022 l The 8th Fu:Bar Glitch Art Festival l Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2022 l Bomba Video Club l Moscow, Russia
  • 2022 l 12th edition of One Take Film Festival l Zagreb Croatia
  • 2022 l  The IV Edition of the FIC FRENTE DE INICIATIVAS CONTEMPORÁNEAS l Villena, Spain
  • 2022 l Glitch Art is Dead l Minnesota Gallery in Granite Falls l Minnesota, USA
  • 2022 INNER REFLECTION/TIME REFRACTION l Ariana Art Gallery l Tehran , Iran
  • 2022 l Motile Art 2nd International Online Exhibition l Kolkata India
  • 2022 l Contemporary Third Edition, Boomer Gallery l London, UK
  • 2022 l Auction for Afghan Women Education l Klatch Collective x Cardiff Umbrella l Cardiff, UK
  • 2022 l Mental Health Online Exhibition , Doncaster Art Fair l Doncaster, UK
  • 2022 l Official Selection ALC Video Art Festival ,by ACOA (Contemporary artists from Alicante) l Alicante, Spain
  • 2022 l Terrors from the Deep,Program 08,  Toas Centre for the Arts l  New Mexico, USA
  • 2022 l An Ordinary Day Film Festival, Studio 44 l  Sweden Stockholm
  • 2022 l  XXVe International Encounters Traverse l Toulouse, France
  • 2022 l Stories in Motion – An Animated films Showcase, Talbot Hall, Nicholls State University l Louisiana, USA 
  • 2022 l Asbury Park Avant-Garde “Experiments” Exhibition, Geis Gallery in Georgian Court University l New Jersey, USA
  • 2022 l  Top 100 artists in 1st ARTSCLOUD Digital Art fair Artists Award l Seoul,South Korea
  • 2022 l Official Selection Artbox Project World 2.0 Swiss Art Expo l Zurich, Switzerland
  • 2022 l Mental Health Virtual Group Exhibition l Tebbs Contemporary Art Gallery l London,UK
  • 2021 l Platform 101, Glitch: Aesthetics of Pixel Group exhibition, Pejman Foundation:Kandovan Building l Tehran, Iran
  • 2021 l IMAGE PLAY International Video Art Festival – III Edition l Funchal, Portugal
  • 2021 l Semi Finalist of International Moving Film Festivals
  • 2021 l Official selection for the 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival | Hybrid Edition  l Athens, Greece
  • 2021 l  The 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival “Tāctus,” Physical Edition , Museum of Modern Greek Culture l Athens, Greece
  • 2021 l Humanism,  The Holy Art  l BIOS Cultural Centre l Athens, Greece
  • 2021 l Athens Open Art,  Art Number 23 Gallery l Athens, Greece
  • 2021 l Selected for 3rd National Festival of Digital Arts l Tehran, Iran
  • 2021 l Barcelona Contemporary Art Fair,  ITSLIQUID Group, 2nd Edition,Valid World Hall Gallery l  Barcelona, Spain
  • 2021 l Official selection , Art All Night – Trenton: 9th Annual Film Festival l New Jersey, USA
  • 2021 l Platform 101, Glitch: PIXEL LANGUAGE group exhibition, Bavan Gallery l Tehran, Iran
  • 2013 l Dragon Lair Challenge l  Gallery Arte l Tehran, Iran