2nd Annual IROMEDIA Event Celebrates Fusion of International New Media Art

by | Aug 21, 2023

September 1-15, 2023 / TECH_FAC Museum, Tehran

1st Opening: September 1, 2023 / From 5 p.m to 9:30 pm2nd Opening: September 8, 2023 / From 5 p.m to 9:30 pm

I am so honoured to exhibit my video art “Chaotic Paradise” with sound design of Ehsan Masoudian at TECH_FAC New Media Arts Museum in Tehran alongside so many other incredible artists.


The 2nd Annual Event of #IROMEDIA will be held from 1 to 15 September of 2023 at TECH_FAC New Media Arts Museum in Tehran, by showing the video and video installation works of some important artists from Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, and Chile. Also, an intriguing collection of 13 video artworks from Iranian new media artists will also be on display in this event.

As the boundaries of artistic expression continue to evolve, IROMEDIA presents a curated selection that bridges cultural gaps and unites the works of globally celebrated artists. The event features an exceptional lineup of participants, featuring visionary creators from Latin America, including the likes of #GABRIELA_GOLDER #KIKA_NICOLELA #EDER_SANTOS #LUCAS_BAMBOZZI #ENRIQUE_RAMIREZ #USURLA_SAN_CRISTOBAL [Curated by Gabriel Soucheyre]#ELCIO_MIAZAKI [From collection] #ANA-PAULA_MATHYAS [From collection] #ISABRL_RODRIGUEZ_RAMOS [From collection] #FRANCO_PALIOFF [From collection] , all meticulously curated by the skilled eye of Gabriel Soucheyre.

And a notable gathering of Iranian artists, highlighting the country’s growing influence within the global new media art landscape. Among the featured Iranian artists are:


The main curatorial board of the 2nd Annual Event of IROMEDIA consists of Iranian, French, Italian, and Brazilian curators, who are as follows: #Gabriel_SOUCHEYRE (Permanent Co-Curator of the IROMEDIA, Founder & Director of the International VIDEOFORMES Digital Arts Festival in France; Saeed_KHAVAR_NEJAD (Curator, Founder of IROMEDIA Platform & Artistic Director of SAFPEM Institute); Giovanna_ROMBALDI (Co-Founder & Director of The Double Face/TDF in Europe and Brazil); and Carola_Del_Pizzo & Marta_Blanchietti (Directors of Exoart_Lab Society in Italy

Breaking new ground, the event introduces a novel facet by showcasing products from renowned international NFT artists, including names like #Patrick_Amadon, #PHO (Photonisdead), #Joe_Pease, and Ali Sabet. These innovative works are licensed by the International IROMEDIA Platform and Middle East & Europe Specified Institute of Contemporary Arts (SAFPEM), with artistic direction guided by Ali Sharafi, Ehsan Nasri, and PIRArt Studio in Germany.

The IROMEDIA event will span an expansive 2400 square meters within the TECH-FAC Center, graciously facilitated by the collaboration with the DAS Foundation. TECH-FAC, poised as a pioneering reference, will subsequently serve as a locus for local, regional, and international digital art and new media initiatives.

The event’s grand unveiling will take place during two opening ceremonies: the first on September 1, 2023, from 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., followed by the second on September 8, 2023, also from 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Both ceremonies will be held within the exhibition hall of the TECH-FAC Museum.

Address: TECH_FAC Museum, Tehran Province – Pakdasht, Hasar Amir, Shahrek-e Enghelab Boulevard, Ponel Street, Deyhim Innovation and Accelerator Factory

Enthusiasts of cutting-edge art and technology can eagerly anticipate the awe-inspiring fusion of creativity and innovation at the 2nd Annual IROMEDIA Event. This celebration promises to leave an indelible mark on the world of new media arts, fostering cultural exchange and pushing the boundaries of artistic possibility.

Arezou Ramezani

Arezou Ramezani is an Iranian visual artist and podcaster based in London, UK. She holds two masters degrees in Animation and has exhibited her work worldwide in over 30 exhibitions including Top 100 artists ARTSCLOUD in Seoul