Portlynn Tagavi is a half Persian, half African American character designer, storyboard artist and filmmaker working in companies such as Paramount, Fox, Dreamworks TV and currently Netflix.
She studied Character Animation at Cal Arts and filmmaking at American Film Institute.
In this episode Portlynn talks about her mixed background culture and her journey to find out more about her Persian heritage. She gives some great tips on storyboarding and ways of storytelling and how it leads her to take a role as a director to make her short movies as well as the differences and similarities between making a live action and animation movie. We touched on important subjects such as bringing body positivity into her work, supporting "Black Lives Matters" with her art and being more open about female experiences stories with her graduation short " Caught Red Handed".
You can hear all about her latest comedy short film THEY WON'T LAST  which has been recognized by festivals such as Emmys awards and BAFTA !
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